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Gristmill is a family owned woodworking shop owned and operated by Jason Nolt in Bethel, PA.

Gristmill was started in 1998 as a small woodworking shop in New Holland, PA. Jason Nolt joined the company in 1999. Gristmill focused on producing high quality wood products and offered two basic sewing cabinet styles. Jason began managing the company in 2001. From there they continued to expand the specialization in sewing cabinets and custom sewing and office furniture. In 2005 Jason took over the whole company and in 2006 they moved to it's current location in Bethel, Pennsylvania.

Today Jason and one employee work together building sewing cabinets and custom furniture pieces from hardwood such as oak, cherry, and maple.

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Gristmill Custom Furniture
8660 Old 22
Bethel, PA 19507

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8660 Old 22,
Bethel, PA 19507