Small Crafting Table

#500 - Small Crafting Table

#500+ Small Crafting Table Plus (Features more moulding and upgraded features!)

Are you wishing for a foldable sewing table, a scrapbooking table, or a crafting desk? Gristmill Collection’s small crafting table has several features that could make it ideal for all these purposes and more!

  • With the wings down, this work table folds up to a petite 17” wide by 31” deep. The castors on the bottom allow you to roll the table to an out-of-the-way spot when not in use.
  • This craft table workstation is 35” high, a comfortable height for working while standing.
  • Imagine a folding craft table with storage! The table has doors on either side, giving you access to a set of shelves in the front as well as the back. A divider separates the two sets of shelves. On one side, the shelves are 10 ¼” wide by 9” deep. The other side has shelves 10 ¼” wide by 16 ¼” deep. This gives you a perfect craft storage system for the tools and materials you want handy while creating your newest craft item!
  • The adjustable shelves allow you to decide how much space you want between them.
  • The sewing craft table opens to give you a 69 ½” wide by 31” deep surface area. Grab your fabric, pattern, and scissors to begin that project you’ve been longing to work on!
  • Order the plus version to get the added luxury of moulding around the bottom of the cabinet.

Roll out this portable table for every occasion. It’s perfect as a mobile kitchen island when baking, a party table for guests, a laundry table, or an extra table for seating. With its fold down arms and easy rolling wheels, this versatile table will have you wondering how you ever did without it.

• Dimensions – W 17 in. (69.5 in. Open) x D 31 in. x H 35 in.

The #500+ Small Crafting Table
• Available in three styles – Traditional, Shaker, Le Chateau

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Small Crafting Table in basic version shown in Lynford stain.

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