Quilter's Delight III

Quilter's Delight III

Looking for an upsized sewing unit? Gristmill’s Collection Quilter’s Delight III (Model 230) comes
with drawers that are 4.5” wider and 2” deeper than Quilter’s Delight II. The bottom drawer is
perfect for storing larger items, such as a sewing machine embroidery unit (pictured) or other attachments. This unit accepts large sewing machines up to 24”.

• Dimensions – W 64.5 in. x D 25.25 in. (49 in. open) x H 30.5 in.
• Available in all three styles – Traditional, Shaker, Le Chateau
• Ask us about customization to fit your specific needs.

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Quilter's Delight III in oak with Harvest stain. Includes optional additional 35" height, pocket doors, custom hardware, and right-hand side wing.

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Embroidery Unit

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